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Welcome to AltMindShift. We provide mental healthcare services through the application of the principles of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) in Cognitive psychology – an Evidence-based Model in Behavioral Science.

Our Services include:

REBT Applications Level 1 Online Workshop (13th – 28th April)


REBT Applications Level 2 Online Workshop (11th – 26th May)


Employee Counseling Services (EAP)

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Our Employee Counseling Program (EAP)

Counseling & Therapy Sessions


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Effective use of role plays and well conducted training!

Annette RaposoPracticing Psychologist, UAE

Learned new techniques & insights which would not only help in professional life but also personal life.

Ritu ObhanSpecial Educator

Very professional and focused on delivering. Our employees have benefitted from consultations and trainings

Preeti ChawlaHuman Resources, FMCG

So thankful for Skype sessions! Totally worth the sessions I took, I feel thankful for such quality  professional help.

Aman SethiManager, Steel Industry