Managing Exam Anxiety!

Most students experience some level of anxiety before taking an exam or during the exam. While feeling concerned about your exam can be beneficial and helpful in improving performance, anxiety on the other hand, can be detrimental to performance. How so?

When a student becomes anxious, he/ she may experience bodily symptoms like increased heart best, excessive sweating, forgetfulness, slight disorientation, and worrying cognitions or thoughts that run into unrealistic self evaluations and preoccupations with performance or failure. As you can see these behaviors are unhelpful in nature and anxiety as an emotion may be experienced in ranges from mild to severe. Even the cognitions or self assessment thoughts may not be particularly helpful which see patterns of catastrophized thinking and negative exaggerations. We can help a student feel healthily concerned about their examinations rather than feeling stressed and anxious.

So if you’re a student, how can you help yourself with converting worrying anxious thoughts into helpful concern?

Let’s look at the top causes to what keeps you anxious first & understand some coping techniques:

Top 5 Causes of Exam Anxiety

Top 5 Ways to Cope with Exam Anxiety













Written by Aastha Chaturvedi

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