Children can be very receptive to counselling, sometimes more than adults who may have a tendency to show resistance to change. Counselling in schools is not only mandatory today but also helps to identify many emotional issues experienced at an early age and to address them appropriately in a timely fashion. Similarly, counselling and training programs with school teachers help in reducing frustrations with managing large classrooms, addressing trouble with disciplining class, examining alternate teaching methods that work better and reducing feeling overburdened with paperwork and managing schedules.


Students in Colleges usually bring concerns pertaining to career confusions, relationships and intimacy, academic stress, time management skills, study management skills, body image and self confidence issues, family conflicts and financial stress. Teachers in Colleges experience similar concerns with work or family or other personal emotional distress.

We cater to these needs.

Imagine if children are taught to speak about their anger instead of throwing a fit when feeling angry. Now what if we taught a child to identify emotions, regulate them, differentiate between helpful and unhelpful actions and develop critical thinking skills? Research has suggested that when children are taught how to regulate emotions at an early age, there is far more self awareness, increased probability of stress tolerance as adults and children become better equipped to work with challenging situations in life. A lot of stress and disturbance seen at childhood can also be helped with such emotional education.

Sexuality is an innate part of one’s being and we believe in bringing a healthy focus to sexuality that challenge repressive tendencies; and ignorance and fear breeding attitudes. We believe sexuality is an important part of a child’s healthy development and provide a platform for young growing adults to address their confusions around attitudes to sex and human sexuality.