We bring to you, your second skin – thinking, combined with our expertise in mental healthcare to help you alternate between your paradigms – AltMindShift; in our endeavor to collaboratively work toward human potential development, psychological growth and emotional well being.

We Offer This Through a Host of Services:

  • Individual Counseling Sessions (on prior appointments)
  • Online Counseling Sessions (on prior appointments)
  • Group Intervention Programs
  • Self-help Public Workshops
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for Corporate Organizations
  • Work Management Behavioral Training Programs, Productivity Management Workshops, Competency Building Training Programs, Leadership and Team Building Programs and EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) for Corporate Industries
  • Entrepreneurship Coaching for Start-up Firms and Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Stress Alleviation Wellness Programs for Corporate Industries
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) Training Programs for Children & Young Students Educational Institutions
  • Teacher Training Programs and Parenting Workshops in Educational Institutions
  • Applied Sports Psychology and Assisted Training for Sportsmen, Sport Players and Athletes
  • Professional Mentoring Programs in Skills of Psychotherapy for Students of Psychology & Professionals in Mental Health Industry

Bringing efficient services without compromising on quality of healthcare is primary to us along with the integration of new-age methods of connecting with people to ensure that we are accessible to anyone, anytime from any part of the globe. Health care is essential and we recognize this to bring psychology closer to human application. While keeping all traditional methods of interaction and aid giving intact, we also offer and envision facilities like:

  • On-the-go counseling appointments for traveling clients or office employees
  • One-click appointment booking solutions for clients on our website
  • AltMindShift mobile offices envisioning niche training & counseling centres pan India
  • Assisting organizations and people with our expert panel of collaborative consultants across India
  • Spreading awareness on mental health issues, using multiple social platforms in our outreach

A Mumbai based Organization since June 2016, AltMindShift was established in Dharamshala – Himachal Pradesh, in 2017 by Rajita Ramachandram, the Founder Psychologist, Corporate Trainer & Life Skills Coach from Mumbai. With a decade of work experience in the field of mental health with corporate industries, educational institutions, training & professional counseling & psychotherapy, she leads team AltMindShift,  a diverse panel of experienced mental health professionals, each member specializing in core areas of human potential development. Our team believes in the extraordinary human capacity to unlearn, relearn and adapt in the desire to ‘strive for better’ constantly. We are motivated to promote this innate human drive to excellence and to help people attain a sense of inner equilibrium and well being.