AltMindShift recognizes the growing industry with entrepreneurial ventures and how relevant attitudinal coaching is to predict success rates and to help potential development with a sense of healthy purpose and goal directed action.

How can you take benefit from us?

We mentor attitudes that enhance skills for a leader. How unfortunate it can be for someone who to wants to invest into a business but not into oneself!

Engaging with coaching stands to fasten the pace at which talent and skill can expand. We look at mentoring by:

  • Pushing for accountability
  • Sharpening organizational management
  • Reviewing failed decisions and helping attitudinal changes
  • Developing effective communication chains between teams and verticals
  • Developing mental toughness and sound decision making skills
  • Setting appropriate prioritizations
  • Keeping teams motivated
  • Assessment and growth of Emotional Intelligence
  • Helping entrepreneurial goals

Would a successful entrepreneur look at hiring a coach? Here’s a perspective from expert author Michael Cooper’s article we think will help.

Jeannette Bitz, chief strategist and managing principal at Engage, says: “As a business owner, I’m focused and motivated, but I don’t always make time for strategic thinking because I’m busy serving clients and running the business. My coach helps me take a step back and think more strategically about the business and determine how the employees and clients can best address my vision. In one hour a week, I make significant progress on business issues and the strategies that I believe have a strong impact on the agency. It’s invaluable.”