We bring to you a host of Employee Assistance Programs [EAP] ranging from workforce management and productivity enhancement to trainer training programs.

Have you considered an EAP with us?

It is statistically evidenced that all successful Companies across the globe are ones which have set up multiple EAPs to receive real benefits. The advantage being quality reviewing and controlling which becomes more concretely measurable with each EAP devised differently from the other to maximize receiving at the Organizational end. On the other hand, relying purely on single intervention programs, internal teams alone and lack of vendor shuffling has proved to be a loss for Companies that are still investing but not receiving adequately.

When we engage, we assess and deliver the best. We run a thorough needs-analysis to understand and create the most effective employee engagement with Companies which have been received very successfully in the past.

Don’t we all like feeling lighter with someone we can trust as an expert?

We offer both Individual Counseling as well as Group Intervention Programs to our clientele. Our individual counseling sessions are given through one-on-ones at client site, online sessions and tele-counseling sessions designed to meet Organizational needs.

For the largely ‘occupied’ average employee, many everyday work and outside factors add-up to contribute toward emotional distress overtime. Many employees cannot find a free objective space to disclose their personal problems at work-spaces or may not be aware of them and may slowly succumb to despair and distress if left unattended for a long time.

A preventive approach taken to mental health has shown statistically significant positive results in a Company’s growth rate rather than sole reliance on curative models following through later.  What we help our clients with:

  • Job dissatisfaction and lowered motivation
  • Stress and burnout
  • Performance and delivery
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Poor people’s management skills
  • Poor communication skills
  • Work-life balance problems
  • Anxieties, fears, aggression, self confidence related issues
  • Poor problem solving at workplace
  • Conflict management with seniors, juniors and colleagues
  • Handling team pressures and team building
  • Managing and leading teams
  • Familial & relationship stressors
  • Financial stressors
  • Goal and career confusions
  • Loss of enthusiasm at work
  • Poor time management skills

Employees receive tremendously well from focused work-group trainings!

In our experience, not only do employees feel confident to open up with their concerns but also start to look proactively at resolving issues because of the positive emphasis such engagements can bring toward an attitude of learning in group programs.

Don’t we multiply so much learning from watching others and brainstorming on ideas together?

We bring to you work management modules that help bridge the gap between an employee and an Organization which can impact productivity and work climate at large. We offer:

  • Competency training programs for development of specific work skills varying from Organization to Organization
  • Highly structured Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) modules which are essential for employees to identify and connect with a Company’s broad objectives and to increase personal productivity levels
  • Leadership training and sharpening of management skills for the higher verticals that commonly see communication styles with team members as barriers or face high stress situations. These who need to balance both people and process management skills, who need to model effective strategies for their teams, who need to work on decision making skills, who need to bring cohesive work environments in teams, who need to improve approachability and train teams to excel
  • Motivation training to help employees stay driven at the workplace and generate solution focus and growth focus
  • Team building for employees to work with collaborative attitudes, problem solving skills, to develop trust with workmates and learn confidence building measures
  • Work orientation, work skill enhancement and attitudinal shaping for trainee level employees
  • Communication skills training and conflict resolution skills at different levels in an Organization

All these training programs are skillfully designed to meet specific needs of each Organization and are custom made to work with an Organization’s climate, temperament, goals and output. Our full training programs are delivered with pre-during-post training analysis and assessments for an Organization.

Dedicated to the idea of ‘stop glorifying busy’ and ‘death-by-cubicle syndrome’, both metaphorically suggesting a work culture that is difficult for most growing Organizations and employees to break away from, this specific Program looks at stress alleviation & at the practice of  rational mindful approaches evidenced scientifically. Mindfulness can be a helpful exercise when combined with scientific principles of psychology. As a philosophy that originated in the East, mindfulness has particularly received a huge response in the West, including some of the most successful Organizations around the globe. We believe in bringing these philosophies through our wellness wing of services for corporations & businesses.

We offer an array of workshops on lifestyle coping skills under our Employee Programs. Some of them include:

  • Anger management
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Healthy parenting
  • Overcoming depression
  • Maintaining work-life balance
  • Developing fulfilling relationships and intimacy
  • Dealing with stress of a new marriage and meeting familial expectations
  • Dating and Relating to partners
  • Healthy weight management attitudes
  • Body image and self confidence concerns
  • Examining what is gender equality and choice making
  • Assessing fundamental sexual attitudes result in repressive behaviours, among others.