Assisting Individuals in Human Potential Development

As a psychological consultancy firm, we believe in aiding the will to change, to work toward one’s potential, toward emotional well-being and healthy living practices.

Trained in the Cognitive school of thought, we believe the application of psychology is visible in almost every human function around the world, no matter how diverse the background. That we are all guided by our personal belief systems which make us all similar yet distinctly unique individuals is quite remarkable. That in all the diversity we also possess the power to overcome challenges and the power to see a few transcending moments of being able to live fully with the present, is inspiring to us and amazes us about the human ability. This knowledge and study is the driving force behind our work. We believe in helping people in their journeys toward self realization, self awareness, to be mindfully present to oneself, to live a disturbance free life and to be able achieve personal goals of growth and happiness.

We bring to you on-the-go therapy sessions online, Employee Assistance Programs and Wellness Programs, Emotional Intelligence Training Programs and Consulting Services.

RECBT Mcleod April 2019
(Mcleodganj) Applications of RECBT – Levels 1 & 2, Apr 15th-21st
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RECBT Level 3 Mcleod March
(Mcleodganj) Applications of RECBT- Level 3, March 29th – 31st
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Delhi RECBT Program - May 2019
(Delhi) Applications of RECBT – Levels 1 & 2, May 27th-2nd June
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Mumbai RECBT June 2019
(Mumbai) Applications of RECBT – Levels 1 & 2, June 5th – 11th
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Pune RECBT June 2019
(Pune) Applications of RECBT – Levels 1 & 2, June 15th – 21st
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Video Pick of the Month

Trans 101 – A Crash Course in Gender Diversity

“In video one we dive into being Trans, Gender Identity, and what it’s all about!”

Part 1 deals with ‘Basics’ of the Transgender world in an attempt to correct a lot of misguided notions in the most objective, non-opinionated way and that’s a reason why it lands itself in our catalogue of some brilliant videos. For one, “straight” people or more accurately – Cisgenders are not any more “normal” than Transgenders. Watch for more really helpful insights!¬†

Created by Ygender and Minus18.

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Effective use of role plays and well conducted training!

Annette RaposoPracticing Psychologist, UAE

Learned new techniques & insights which would not only help in professional life but also personal life.

Ritu ObhanSpecial Educator

Very professional and focused on delivering. Our employees have benefitted from consultations and trainings

Preeti ChawlaHuman Resources, FMCG

So thankful for Skype sessions! Totally worth the sessions I took, I feel thankful for such quality  professional help.

Aman SethiManager, Steel Industry